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1.3 – Animal Crossing Digspot – Worm Replacement Free Download only replaces worms with the dig spot of the animal. This is a small mod for the Stardew Valley game.

1.3 – Animal Crossing Digspot – Worm Replacement will be a small mod. This version will allow you to replace the worm with something more interesting.

We will bring this mod for you free, and all it does will be change one single thing. You can download this one and then use them along with other mods. There will be no problem with that.

1.3 – Animal Crossing Digspot – Worm Replacement

This game is huge, and all the mods you can download for it will be bigger. The more you stay in this world, the better you will know about it.

This mod will allow you to change the worm by the dig spot. And they can lead you to a real animal.

We will need you to update the game mod, so this can run well. The update will not cost you anything but an online connection.

Stardew Valley mods:

We will bring you some free mods, and these mods will be useful for your game. Check out for more mods like this one from the main website.


Uploaded by: yuiidragon

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