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Anthro Characters Continued – (Furry Overhaul Mod) Plus Genderswaps Mods for StardewValley offers a unique and completely different experience from the vanilla version.

The mod creates exciting characters in animal form. Players also enjoy new stories, new dialogues, and lots of new fun.

Check out the mod and enjoy a different perspective in Pelican Town!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Gavelly, sion9000 and Krystedez. You can download the mod for free on nexus mods.

The mod features anthropomorphized animal characters, and the mod creates a unique experience for everyone in Pelican Town.


Anthro Characters Continued – (Furry Overhaul Mod) Plus Genderswaps has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod brings a lot of great points from the original Anthro Characters version of Gaveliere. If you like Gaveliere’s product, then you’ll love the mod.
  • The mod is an excellent addition for those who like anthropomorphized animal characters.
  • The mod allows changing the gender of the marriage candidate from female to male.
  • Players can optionally dialogue and swap genders from female to male when eligible.
  • The mod creates a unique space for Pelican Town.


In short, the mod creates unique and exciting experiences for Pelican Town. If you like anthropomorphized animal characters, then you should install the mod right away.

Check out Stardew Valley Mods and enjoy a new world!


Uploaded by: sion9000

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