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Automate Mods Free Download will be the mod you need for your game. This mod will allow you to come to the more extensive function of it. Inside this mode, you shall have time to build some auto machines. The way it works will also be so easy. Let us show you about this mod.

Auto collect product:

There will be some time when you have to go out and can not stay home to gather things. This mod will allow you to have a chest that comes with full function.

The first one will be to collect the product. All you need to do is place this Chest near the farm you have. And then, when the farm is ready for your harvest, the Chest will do it. This is simple and easy, and you can use it for Mushroom farms.

Making materials:

Automate will allow you to make some material, and all you need will be to add this mod to your game.

The Chest can be placed in a chain of three things: Dig machine, Chest, and the Product machine. Players can use this one to make the Refined quartz. This will be necessary material for your gameplay.

Automate Mods for Stardew Valley will also allow you to build a fishing system. This one will be needed when you need food from the underwater.


Uploaded by: Pathoschild

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