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Bathroom after 2nd Houseupgrade Mods Free Download allows you to add a new bathroom. Stardew Valley Mods will only work when you do the level up manual. Try it now!

Bathroom after 2nd Houseupgrade will be that mod you can download and try. This mod will allow you to become more interested when upgrading the game.

There will be a lot of things that will change when you choose to update your house. To make sure you have the best of it, we will give you this new mod. And you will love it!

The main features of this mod:

When you come to the second level, some new things appear in your game. But bathrooms will remain in number. All you will have is a bigger house but one bathroom.

Bathrooms after 2nd Houseupgrade were made to ensure that players have their new bathroom. When you come to the second level, the new bathroom will be auto-added to your game. And you can also change the position of it later.

Stardew Valley Mods note:

This mod will not work if you use another mod to make yourself move to 2 levels. So this means you will have to work on this by yourself.

And no mod can help you to move to the second level and earn a second bathroom. We will soon add more things that we can into this mod. All you need is to wait for the new updates to come!


Uploaded by: DevilBro

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