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Better Horses Free Download for Stardew Valley brings many new and fantastic horse breeds. You will love riding the Norwegian Lord Horses, as they are powerful and beautiful.

Better Horses is a fun and great mod if you like horse riding in Pelican Town.

The mod provides many new horse breeds. The design of the horses is perfect, realistic, and charming.

Download the mod and own your favorite pony!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to SerialDollface and fnafunblock. The mod is free on nexus mods and easy to install.

The mod brings improvements to the Horses in Minakie’s Real Life Horses mod pack. The horses become more dynamic and natural.

In addition, the mod also provides new and unique horse breeds. Players choose colors for the horse and saddle.


Better Horses has many new features, including:

  • The mod offers seven new horse breeds with unique colors. If you loved Minakie’s original mod pack, then you’ll love this mod by SerialDollface.
  • The mod brings Zhuria’s Norwegian Lord Horse, and you will love this mighty and big horse in the mod. The Norwegian lord horse is the inspiration for the mod author.
  • Each new breed and color comes in three options: a bareback version, a version with a default saddle, and an author’s custom saddle.
  • The full download of the mod includes a horse image of the original version, a preview of the horse sprite in the mod, a horse.xnb file and an installation instruction file.


In summary, the mod offers many new and fantastic horse breeds.

Check out Stardew Valley Mods and ride Zhuria’s Norwegian Lord Horse in Pelican Town!


Uploaded by: SerialDollface

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