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Better Sprinklers Mod for Stardew Valley is a mod for farmers. And this mod will try to give you the best way to water your farm. It will supply your farm with the best water delivery. You can put your trust in this mod!

About the new choices:

We have had this mod update a few times, so all the features inside it will be different. The first thing about this mod will be the new shape and colour of the Sprinklers.

You can see that in the old game, you can only choose one Sprinkler. But in this one, you can have three choices. And you don’t need to buy anything to have them with you.

Better Sprinklers Mod allows you to know where and how far the Sprinklers can supply water. This is the best way for you to set them up in the best position.

One more thing about this mod is that your Sprinklers, once placed, can highlight the area. This is needed for you to identify other Sprinklers and also the scarecrow.

Stardew Valley Better Sprinklers Mod

This is not the best mod we can send you, but this mod will help you immensely, especially people who have a big farm with all three plants and vegetables.

You can have this mod now from the main page!


Uploaded by: OrSpeeder

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