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BirthdayMail Free Download is a new mod, and this one will send you new birthday reminders. BirthdayMail will be useful when you have too many things to do.

BirthdayMail Download is completed. You can have this mod right now, and all you need to do is come to our page to download it.

The mod will allow you to have a new reminder for your birthday time. You will never need to remember it by yourself. And other people will also be reminded of your birthday.

BirthdayMail features:

This mod will come with some new language. All of them will be free, and you can change them from the main menu. Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese will be what you have in this mod right next to English. We will try to bring you more languages like this one.

The mod will auto-send you a message in a unique style that you have never seen before. That message will remind you about your or other people’s birthdays in this game. If you meet the NPCs, you might get your chance to get some reward.

Stardew Valley will treat you right as long as you follow what this mod tells you to do. Join our page so we can send you more big fun!

Uploaded by: KathrynHazuka

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