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Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension Free Download will bring you three new things. And these things will make your Stardew Valley even better than ever.

Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension allow you to have three new things in your game. Each one of them will weirdly change your game. Enjoy what you will have in this game, and come back for more.

Boarding house

This will be the first one added to the game. And inside this, you can find an NPC. That one can give you a mission and reward for each mission you complete.

There will be some items you can find in this place for free. Look at all the corners you can go to so you can find them.

New mine:

There will be no monsters inside this mine. And you can have more fun with it by using tools and machines to get gems, material, and fuel.

New machines:

Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension will send you some machines to play with. Each machine will help you in this game. Craft them out and use them to make your farm bigger.

Stardew Valley Mods will be there and wait for you to explore this place!


Uploaded by: TrentXV

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