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Cat Gifts Free Download will allow your cats and dogs to give you presents. You need to download this mod for your Stardew Valley. It comes with an interesting feature.

Cat Gifts for PC allows you to send yourself a gift. And these gifts will be delivered to you by all your cats and dogs.

This will be a lot more fun when you have all the animals on your farm. And all they do will be given you a present and also a product. Join us for more info about this mod.

Cat Gifts for players:

This game will allow you to raise some animals. And you can get products from them. But what about the cats and dogs on your farm? They are not only pets, and they will give you more gifts than you ever asked for.

  • Dogs: all your dogs will give you presents, but you need to walk freely on the farm. They will dig up some of them in the field or close to your house.
  • Cats: these cats will give you presents, and you don’t need to find them. These presents will be right in front of your doorstep.

Stardew Valley: We bring you the best mod ever for free. Download and try it!


Uploaded by: Skuld

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