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Categorize Chests Free Download will allow you to sort your items into different categories. All you need to do when you have this mod in Stardew Valley is press one button.

Categorize Chests is the magic you might need for your game. This mod will allow you to place items in different chests. And the special thing about it will be you can choose one chest for only one item type.

Categorize Chests:

There will be many other features of this mod we can send you. But the best one will be when you sort your items.

This mod will be useful for players who have too many items and have no way to sort them. All you need will be to choose the item type for each chest. After that, all you need will be to press the button, and then magic will happen.

You can use this for as many chests as you want. There will be no limit on the number of chests and items!

Stardew Valley new free mod:

We will bring you more free mods in this version. But they will come with updates often to maintain the features. Stay online to have more fun instruction. See you later in this world!


Uploaded by: SteelixLeiter

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