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Character Portrait Overhauls Mods for Stardew Valley brings new images to familiar characters in SC. You have many unique emotions with familiar characters.

Character Portrait Overhauls brings new and unique images to farmers in Pelican Town.

Download the mod and enjoy the new character portraits!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to Kamirose, and the mod is free on nexusmods. The mod is straightforward to install, and you need to follow the developer’s instructions.

The mod offers character portrait adjustments. However, the new designs retain the spirit of the original character designs.

Check out the cool things about the mod below!


Character Portrait Overhauls has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod brings several new images for familiar characters like Emily or Maru. You will enjoy the new portraits of these fantastic characters.
  • The mod offers a complete portrait pack of all the characters. Alternatively, you can also download individual characters.
  • The portraits of some characters are a combination of Kamirose and the original version. The images of some other characters are new products of Kamirose.
  • The mod brings joy and enjoyment to fans of SC or anime. The mod breathes new life into the farmers in Pelican Town.
  • You may not be able to apply the new portrait to the desired character.


In short, the mod brings new character portraits, and all are unique and interesting.

You will love the new portraits of the characters. Kamirose’s designs are great. Check out Character Portrait Overhauls Free Download and see new faces!


Uploaded by: kamirose

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