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Chests Anywhere Mods Free Download will allow you to take your items anywhere you want. This Chests Anywhere mod helps you access your storage from a distance.

Chests Anywhere will be a good mod for you. This mod will focus on how to give you items without running around.

Helpful mod for players:

When you play this game, there will be some challenges inside your world. You will need some material and not anywhere you can take them out.

Once this happens, you will need to get back to your base and gather the stuff you need. This is wasting time, and you don’t have that much time when you go mining.

When you enter these Chests Anywhere, you can access your chest from home, bin, fridge. Anything that contains items will be connected to your inventory.

This chest will also decide your stuff in the category. So you can control and manage your things easier.

Stardew Valley Mods Chests Anywhere:

There will be one tip when you have this game mod inside your world. Get rid of all the unuseful things that are inside your chest.

You will need to take out all the things you don’t want to be inside your chest. Sort them and make sure anytime you open your chest, you shall find what you need.

Players should place all the positions they might need to fight monsters on the top row. This is required when you have your dungeon explored, and there are many chances for you to die.


Uploaded by: Pathoschild

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