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CJB Cheats Menu Free Download can be the best mod you can get from us. This mod works like a menu where you can download and join the free cheat code world.

All the things this mod can do is add a menu where you can find any cheat you need. And after that, you can enter the cheat to get everything you need.


One of the best cheats we have for you. This cheat will allow you to feed your animal automatically. And you don’t need to come back to your farm to feed them again.

But there will be one thing you need to make sure of. You need to have all the food your animal needs, and then the game cheat will feed your animal ideally.

Tomorrow’s weather:

This is new, and this is huge. It would be best if you had this cheat from the Stardew Valley Mods to keep the weather following your needs. This cheat will also allow you to set the time to change the weather. The season will remain!

Money cheat:

For people who need a lot of money to build their farm, this cheat will be helpful, and you shall need it!

CJB Cheats Menu will allow you to find the cheat as fast as possible. After that, you will get enough resources, materials, and also features you need.


Uploaded by: Pathoschild

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