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Coii’s Girls Sets Pack Mods for Stardew Valley offers various unique collections of farmer women’s hairstyles, shirts, and dresses.

Coii’s Girls Sets Pack is a great mod if you are female.

The mod allows players to add a variety of costumes and accessories for female farmers. The mod is very suitable for girls!

Download the mod and change the fantastic look of the female farmer!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Coii, and the mod was released for free on nexusmods in September 2018. The mod received a lot of attention from SC fans.

The mod offers a unique selection of farmer women’s hairstyles, shirts, and skirts.


Coii’s Girls Sets Pack has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod provides an extensive collection of farmer women’s hairstyles, shirts, and dresses. You try on dozens of hairstyles, tops, and dresses for your favorite female characters.
  • The mod brings a lot of fun to female fans. Any woman wants to have a cute look.
  • The hairstyles in the mod are very diverse and modern. The styles are exquisite and feminine. You have a wide choice of colors for each dress style in the mod.
  • The mod allows players to create unique looks for their favorite female characters. Pelican Town will appear many cute female characters of the player.


In short, the mod brings many exciting things and an extensive collection of hairstyles, shirts, dresses for peasant women.

Check out Coii’s Girls Sets Pack Free Download and try a new look for the female farmer!


Uploaded by: Coii

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