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Content Patcher Animations Mods for Stardew Valley allows players to express their creativity in familiar objects. You will create exciting animations.

Content Patcher Animations is an exciting mod if you are a modder. The mod is simple and easy to install.

The mod brings new fun to all SC items. ConcernedApe’s world becomes more creative and unique!

Download the mod and breathe new life into familiar objects in the game!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of spacechase0 and Pathoschild. You can download the mod for free on nexusmods – a large community of SC fans.

The mod brings new visuals to familiar Pelican Town objects. The mod allows the player to animate the textures with the “EditImage” action.

Check out the greats below!


Content Patcher Animations have many attractive points such as:

  • The mod is lightweight, free, and compatible with other modpacks.
  • The mod is a necessary addition for modders. If you like creativity and GIFs, then you should install the mod right away.
  • The mod brings a lot of new fun to the familiar objects of Pelican Town. You enjoy seeing the movement of the balls or the television screen.
  • The mod is easy to use, and you change the image using the EditImage feature. However, you need to understand a bit of programming to use the mod.
  • The mod allows players to change two elements, including AnimationFrameTime and AnimationFrameCount.


In short, the mod is necessary if you like to insert new images into Pelican Town.

Check out Content Patcher Animations Free Download and enjoy your unique images!


Uploaded by: spacechase0

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