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Custom Spouse Patio Mods for StardewValley brings new activities to any vanilla NPC. You can create a large outdoor communal yard for the couple.

Custom Spouse Patio is an exciting mod, and you need programming knowledge for advanced customization.

The mod offers a full content pack so that players can customize the location and umbrella used for the outdoor couple area.

Get the mod and customize the outdoor playground area for any vanilla NPC!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to aedenthorn. If the player wants to get help with programming in the mod, you can visit aedenthorn’s server.

The mod version has a simple structure, but you need programming knowledge to use the content pack. Players will have to create and install a content pack for the mod.


Custom Spouse Patio has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod is compatible with the Multiple Spouses mod pack. The mod brings fun if you want to customize the typical yard for any spouse.
  • The mod has many attractive values ​​, and you can adjust the actions of the vanilla NPC couple.
  • The mod provides a wizard, and users can set up simple sheets. You can edit the JSON file to adjust the typical yard of the vanilla NPC couple.
  • If you lack programming knowledge, you won’t be able to make advanced customizations.


In short, the mod offers a large outdoor common area, and you can customize the couple’s activities outdoors.

Check out Custom Spouse Patio Free Download and enjoy the new fun!


Uploaded by: aedenthorn

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