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Customize Anywhere Mods for Stardew Valley changes the appearance of the character at will. You can change character clothes and recipes anywhere.

Customize Anywhere is a unique and necessary mod. If you feel bothered about changing clothes, then the Mod is an excellent solution for you.

The Mod allows users to change the character’s appearance anywhere and at any time.

An overview of the Mod

The Mod is a product of CherryChain, and you can download the Mod for free on nexus mods. The Mod brings convenience and fun to SC fans.

The mod is convenient and necessary.


Customize Anywhere has many attractive points such as:

  • The Mod brings two new items, “Custom Mirror” and “Clothes Catalog.” Robin owns the crafting recipes of two new things, and the cost of each item is 50k.
  • You use ten wooden blocks and two exquisite quartz blocks to craft the mirror. You use ten wooden blocks to prepare the Catalog.
  • Custom mirrors allow the player to change the farmer’s gender, hair, shirt, pants, and accessories at any time.
  • You right-click on the Clothing Category to display all products, including farmer hats, shirts, and pants.
  • The Mod allows the player to change the sprites for the mirror and clothing catalog or change the pricing/crafting requirements.


In short, the Mod is easy to install and offers a magical feature. The Mod allows players to customize farmers at any time.

Download Customize Anywhere Free Download and change the character in the ConcernedApe world as you like!


Uploaded by: CherryChain

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