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Data Layers Free Download will allow you to have a new vision of your world. There will be needed features you can use along with this Data Layers mod.

Data Layers for PC allows you to make your world a better one. This mod will help you with the building and placing any items in your game.

We will give you all the info we have for this mod. And enjoy it to know better about it!

Data Layers features:

The first thing this mod can do will allow you to see the part of your land. There will be four kinds of them:

  • Clear: this will be where you can build the structure. And it will be green.
  • Occupied: you can not build or place anything here. But you can remove a certain object from this. It Will be orange.
  • Impassable: you can not do anything with this one. It will be red.
  • Warp: it is blue, and you can do a lot of things on it.

Stardew Valley other features:

With this mod, you can also see where the item you have can supply water or take care of your crops. This means the usage range of the item will be shown.

This mod will also affect the environment of your game. Join and try them!


Uploaded by: Pathoschild

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