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DeepWoods Free Download brings a vast forest, exciting and also extremely dangerous. You can collect many wood materials, face strange challenges.

DeepWoods brings another world, and you can explore an excellent and vast forest.

The forest is a new area, and it is also in the process of the original game.

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of developer Max Vollmer, and SVProtector has made the mod available for free on nexus mods.

The forest has an area and design like a mine. Players harvest wood (instead of stone), and you will find lots of wood and different types of trees.

The forest has a lot of exciting things to explore. Of course, the forest also contains many dangers, and you should explore the woods in the middle of the game.


DeepWoods offers many additional points as follows:

  • The forest is randomly generated, and the player does not have an official map file for any area of ​​the woods.
  • You will have different forests at different playtimes, so the forest has a high replay value.
  • The mod supports multiplayer mode so that you can explore the jungle with your friends.
  • The jungle will change based on the player’s luck and battle level. Therefore, the forest will create the best experience for every player.
  • Players can configure the forest in many things such as level, resource location, monster strength.


In short, DeepWoods mods for Stardew Valley is an exciting mod, and players can explore a wonderful forest.

Download the mod to experience the exciting journey in the mysterious forest!


Uploaded by: SVProtector

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