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Elle’s Cat Replacements Mods for StardewValley offers cute cats, and you’ll have more fun with the little animals in the country house.

Elle’s Cat Replacements offers dozens of new cat options.

If you love cats, then download the mod and own the cute cat!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Elle, and junimod officially uploaded the mod to nexus mods in May 2019. The mod is free and easy to install.

The mod provides 51 new cat models, and you can wear a cat collar.

If you want to remove the mod, you just need to delete the necessary folder in your Mods folder.


Elle’s Cat Replacements has many exciting features such as:

  • The mod provides 51 new cat skins, and you can create new cats as you like.
  • Players can configure three different skin profiles for cats. You change the option in config.json about the vanilla cat texture or use the Shrine of Illusions.
  • The mod provides 20 different colors for the cat collar. You can wear a collar for any cat variation.
  • The mod replaces the cat head icons in the menu, and the change depends on your cat’s skin color.
  • The player uses the value “False” to keep any vanilla cats.
  • You can easily find the name for each cat collar pattern and color in the included References folder.
  • The mod is compatible with modpacks, including Adopt ‘n Skin and Cats and Dogs.


In short, the mod brings a lot of fun to cat lovers.

Check out Elle’s Cat Replacements Free Download and create a new look for your adorable cat!


Uploaded by: junimods

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