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Elle’s New Barn Animals Mods will send you some skins, and you can also buy them in the shop. This mod will only work for PC, and the install will add all the skins you need.


This will be the first one we want to give you. All the skin we have in this game mod will make you feel so happy. The skins will come with a cow, and the colour will be brown and white.

You can also change them if you want. Everything you need to do is come back to the main menu and change the setting.

We also have 22 new skin for your cow. Each one of them will be unique.


Elle’s New Barn Animals add 18 kinds of goat. And each one of them will allow you to make your animal look better.

The skin will also allow you to get milk in the same colour. There will be no such thing happen with the animal milk colour.

14 sheep and 18 pig skins:

This will be the last thing we can have for your game. This skin will allow you to build a colourful farm. This will be where you can enjoy your world, and Stardew Valley Elle’s New Barn Animals will support you. Any skins you need this mod will have!


Uploaded by: junimods

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