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Elle’s New Coop Animals Mods is now open for you. This mod will allow you to become more significant in your game by adding some skins. The meaning here is that it looks beautiful, interesting and also unique.

The contents of this mod:

Most of the things we have inside this mod will be skin and some change in your game. With the help of this mod, you shall have some new skins such as:

There will be 22 kinds of skin for your chicken. And this mod will support all the chicken types you have in this world. There will be no one left alone!

We also have some new skins for ducks; there will be 7 of them, so you can make your choice easier.

Elle’s New Coop Animals bring you 26 new skins for rabbits. They will look better in your game and also give you more funny moments.

Dinosaurs will be the next ones who have some new skins in this mod. We have 6 of them for you to choose from.

Stardew Valley Elle’s New Coop Animals

Another change in this mod will be Marnie’s shop icon. You can see that this icon has been changed and there will be a big exciting feeling from the shop assistant.

This mod will also allow you to turn its features off with a different kind of animal.


Uploaded by: junimods

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