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Elle’s New Horses Mods for Stardew Valley offers unique new horses. You can choose your favorite horse and horse skin. The collection is very diverse.

Elle’s New Horses is an exciting mod about SC horses. If you like SC open-world horses, then you should download this awesome mod.

The mod brings a lot of fun with cute ponies, and you have a lot of fun with the fantastic ponies.

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Elle, and junimod uploaded the mod to nexusmods at the end of 2018. The mod received a lot of attention from SC fans.

The mod offers about 30 new and improved horses for the Content Patcher. The mod also provides skins for Adopt ‘n Skin.

You will enjoy seeing the new designs of the horses in the mod.

Check out the awesome stuff below!


Elle’s New Horses has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod allows players to choose from around 31 new and unique horses. All horses in the mod are adorable and awesome.
  • The player chooses 20 different colors for the saddle coating. You can create unique horses in your style.
  • The player can replace the horse head symbol in the menu. All variations are based on your choice of horse skin.
  • The mod has many unique horses such as Solid, Appaloosa, Pinto, Roan, Prismatic. Prismatic looks like legendary horses.


In short, the mod is a necessary addition to Pelican Town.

Check out Elle’s New Horses Free Download and pick a cute pony!


Uploaded by: junimods

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