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Elle’s Old Barn Animals Mods for Stardew Valley introduces new species of livestock. You can create a cute farm with big cattle.

Elle’s Old Barn Animals is an essential mod if you like the farmer role.

The mod offers dozens of new unique options for livestock. You can create a large farm with many different types of cattle.

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Elle and junimod uploading the mod to nexus mods. The mod is free and easy to install.

The mod allows the player to substitute a variety of exciting livestock. The mod provides new skins for Adopt ‘n Skin.


Elle’s Old Barn Animals has many new features such as:

  • The mod provides several different skins for a variety of livestock. Therefore, players can create fabulous farms.
  • The mod provides 45 skins for brown and white cows (including deer); 60 goat skins (including deer); 25 sheepskins (including alpacas); and 46 pig skins (including deer).
  • The mod replaces the icons in Marnie’s shop.
  • Players can create different colors for wool or fabric items. The color depends on the fleece.
  • You can disable any animal substitutions with the config.json file. Therefore, you can combine the mod with other mod packs.


In short, the mod brings a lot of fun to farmers. If you like the farmer role, then you should install this mod.

Check out Elle’s Old Barn Animals Free Download and have lots of new fun with your livestock!


Uploaded by: junimods

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