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Event Repeater – A useful tool for Content Patcher Modding for StardewValley provides the recurrence of essential events so that you can create new stories.

Event Repeater – A useful tool for Content Patcher Modding is a necessary mod if you are a modder.

The mod provides an essential and unique tool, which is the ability to repeat events.

Download the mod and create unique and new stories in Pelican Town!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of MissCoriel, and the mod officially appeared on nexus mods in 2019. Users can download the mod for free, and the installation is straightforward.

The mod brings an event loop. Therefore, players can create stories in their style.

Check out the cool things about the mod below!


Event Repeater – A useful tool for Content Patcher Modding has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod needs SMAPI and Content Patcher installed to work correctly.
  • The user uses statements to create the event loop. Thus, you can increase the depth of the main story or complete exciting quests.
  • Using the mod is simple, but you need to understand how to write commands to create an event loop.
  • The mod brings new stories if you like creativity. The mod is very suitable for modders.


In short, the mod brings a lot of fun to the modder. You use your creativity to create the event loop.

Check out Stardew Valley Mods and enjoy the new missions!


Uploaded by: MissCoriel

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