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Expanded Fridge Mods for StardewValley brings handy mini-fridges. Players do not need to spend time and effort on ordinary refrigerators in the kitchen.

Expanded Fridge is a helpful mod if you like to cook.

The mod provides a handy mini-fridge, so players can easily access all the food they need in the cabin or kitchen.

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to Uwazouri, and you can download the mod for free on nexus mods. The mod is easy to install and easy to use.

The mod provides mini-fridges. You use a mini-fridge in a farmhouse or cabin to quickly access your favorite foods.


Expanded Fridge has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod brings convenient mini-fridges. Players can manage the mini-fridge or access the mini-fridge through the kitchen fridge
  • If you put the mini-fridge in the farmhouse or cabin with a stove, you can get the necessary food from the refrigerator in the kitchen.
  • The mod uses an inventory tab, so players can easily manage items.
  • If the mod is removed, you will still have your regular fridge items.
  • The mod works well in multiplayer mode, and the mod is compatible with other modpacks.
  • The mod allows the player to move all mini fridges out of the map confines. Therefore, mini-refrigerators do not create clutter in your home.


In short, the mod brings convenient and practical mini-fridges. If you like to cook, then the mod is the necessary choice.

Check out Expanded Fridge Free Download and create new mini fridges!


Uploaded by: Lodukas

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