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FFH4X – Free Fire MOD Menu 1.0 APK is a free app, and in this app, you will find a unique function. All you need is to download and enjoy what this excellent tool can do for you. 

Semi Aimbot: 

This function will help you aim right and hit better. If you are not a good shooter, you should use this. The game will be easier to kill and end the enemy’s life. 

But you need to remember one thing, and this function will be easier to be detected by the server. So it would help if you did not use it all the time. 

Less Recoil: 

Every gun in this game will have the recoil thing. This happens when you shoot a bullet, and the gun will shake. 

Using this function will help reduce the shaking part. And you can aim better with the help of this one. 

Beginners should use this so they can have great shooting support. Like the Aimbot, this could be detected by the original game. 

X2 Jump: 

If you want to have a high jump, you should use this one. It helps you to jump higher even when you are standing on the ground. 

When you attack an enemy location, this could help you get a better position by jumping on the high ground. 


Garena Free Fire will need this function when you can enter any building without using the front door. 

This hack will show a lot of details that you’ve been using. So be careful when having this open. People can know and realize it, and then they will RP you. 

Fuck Cam: 

This one will help you get rid of the annoying cam. When you die, there will be no one who can watch your cam. 

This is a small function, but it will be helpful for people who have a phone that uses Android. 

Have fun and good luck!

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