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Get Glam Mods for Stardew Valley brings new things to the farmer’s character. You can customize all parts of your character’s appearance.

Get Glam offers a variety of character design options. You can change the character’s appearance with hairstyle, clothes, face, nose.

The mod also provides a vanity cabinet and many other exciting features.

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to MartyrPher, and the mod is free on nexus mods. The mod is compatible with ConcernedApe version 1.4.

The mod offers many unique items such as a makeup cabinet, face and nose add-on packs. The mod is highly suitable if you like realistic simulators.

Check out the details of the amazing things below!


Get Glam has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod allows the player to change many things: accessories, Base, Makeup Cabinet, Face and Roses, Hairstyle, Skin Color. Therefore, the player can create a character as they want.
  • The mod offers a large outfit pack. Discover a wide range of accessories and great shoe items. Your character design is very calm and modern.
  • The mod needs SMAPI and SpaceCore to work correctly.
  • The mod brings many changes to the face and nose. Players will discover other customization features in this excellent mod.


In short, the mod provides a lot of customization about the character’s appearance. Download the mod, and there are many new great things in Pelican Town.

Check out Get Glam Free Download and get lots of fun!


Uploaded by: MartyrPher

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