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Gift Taste Helper Mods Free Download will be that game you need. This one will allow you to add some features to the main game. And you need to know how it works inside your world and your farm.

This mod will allow you to know when the people in your game are celebrating their birthday. This is important when you play this game. Giving the best present will allow you to make them happy.

Gift Taste Helper:

Allow you to know better about a person inside the game. Even when they are NPCs, you will also have to make them happy. They might give you some rare item, make you feel at home, or give you a mission.

Making people feel happy inside this game will be a necessary thing. And you will need more than that to stay inside the game.

Stardew Valley Gift Taste Helper:

With the help of this game mod, you will know what to give the NPCs. The present they like will be delivered to their pocket. After that, no one knows what will happen; sometimes it will be a thank you from them.

In this game, you can also have some missions to do when you make people happen. They will give you tasks and a chance to get some rare items. Have fun and join us!


Uploaded by: tstaples

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