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Hairstyles recolored, and a new Hairstyle Update Free Download will add some new hair for your game. This hair will change the style of the Stardew Valley character.

Hairstyles recolored and a new Hairstyle Update for PC will be a style mod. This one will help you to change the hair of your character. And that is not the only feature that this mod can bring you.

The mod will also allow you to change some effects when you wear the hat. Sometimes you will see the shift in your hairstyle in a bad way. This mod will keep your hair in the way it was.

Hairstyles recolored and a new Hairstyle Update:

The more you play, the better hair you will get, is what this mod can bring you. Players can also download some more hair for their game.

Come to the main page, and you will see the update you need. A new function will allow you to keep your hairstyle when the hat is on your body.

We think that you will need this mod for your game. It will be better than any mod you can find for decoration. Join us and download more of this mod for your Stardew Valley world.


Uploaded by: alicedafox

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