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Happy Birthday Mods Free Download will be that mod you need when you are a birthday lover. mod will allow you to add some function that has never appeared.

Happy Birthday, allows you to set your Birthday. You can choose a random day, or you can put it right on your Birthday too.

This mod will be the one who helps you get a great birthday inside and outside the game. Plays will need to download this mod from our page and add it to the main gameplay.

Happy Birthday mod:

This mod will allow you to have the best Birthday ever. You will have your chance to add some special days to your game.

When your Birthday is on, you can get wishes from other people and also NPCs. They will know about your Birthday and then send you a gift too.

All you need to do is talk to them, and then they will auto give you a wish. You can also receive some gifts from other players. They will send you that present when you come to the mailbox.

Stardew Valley Happy Birthday:

We can have more things for you to explore, but right now, that will be all we have. This mod will be a good choice for you when your Birthday is all alone. You can celebrate your special day with this mod.

We will soon add more things to this game, and you shall have them for free. SMAPI will be needed because this mod helps you install others.


Uploaded by: Omegasis

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