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Harvest With Scythe mods for Stardew Valley helps players harvest crops quickly. You use the Scythe to gather all the flowers and plants on the lovely farm.

Harvest With Scythe brings the joy of harvesting to players. Crops are always a farmer’s joy, and you’ll love this mod.

The mod allows the player to harvest all flowers and plants with a scythe. You can use the Scythe at any time in Pelican Town.

Check out the mod and get your hands on the magic scythe!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of ThatNorthernMonkey, and you can download it for free on nexus mods.

The mod is a necessary addition if you need a quick harvest. You will love the flowers and plants in Pelican Town.

The mod changes the behavior of all flowers and plants so that you can harvest with a magic scythe. Players have a lot of fun harvesting with the magic scythe!


Harvest With Scythe has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod allows the player to harvest all flowers and plants (including truss plants and regrown ones) with a magic scythe.
  • Players enjoy seeing the cute and decisive movements of the character.
  • The magic Scythe is easy to use and very effective.
  • The mod is easy to install, accessible, and suitable for all servers.


In short, the mod is a necessary choice if you like farm gameplay. All flowers and plants can be harvested with the Magic Scythe.

Check out Harvest With Scythe Free Download and have lots of fun in the world of ConcernedApe!


Uploaded by: ThatNorthernMonkey

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