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Hats Won’t Mess Up Hair Mods has a lot of things for you to explore. And one of them will be stopping the hat by changing your hairstyle.

There will not be much to talk about this game mod, so we will send you some tips to be better in this game.

Use dress for your outfit change:

There will be some other people who don’t know how to change their outfits inside this game. And the dresser will help you with that.

You can also use another mod to add a mirror inside your dresser. That will also be where you can find your hats and wear them.

Hats Won’t Mess Up Hair will help you with the issue of this game. It happens when you wear your hat, and it changes your hair. No one wants that to happen, so they decide to put their hat in inventory forever.

Stardew Valley Hats Won’t Mess Up Hair.

The hat is not the most important thing you can have in this game. But to make yourself and the game look better, you shall need this mod.

Your hat might change your hair, and boots can change your pants and other cloth problems too. But we all make them gone for you so you can have more fun. Enjoy and follow for more!


Uploaded by: misatse1019

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