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IdaIda’s Furniture Recolor (for CP) Free Download for Stardew Valley brings new colors to the furniture in your beloved home.

IdaIda’s Furniture Recolor (for CP) is an exciting mod about furniture. If you want exciting colors for the room, then the mod is a great choice.

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of IdaIda and fnafunblock. The mod is free and easy to install.

The mod brings fresh colors to the furniture. You will love the combination of colors and decorations in the mod.


IdaIda’s Furniture Recolor (for CP) has many new features such as:

  • The mod replaces vanilla furniture with unique, modern colors. The new color is compatible with the vanilla color and the Pelican Town setting.
  • Players feel the coherence of the theme colors. The mod provides a complete set of light and dark woods, birch, white, gray.
  • The mod offers a lot of houseplants and lots of crystal-themed items.
  • Players can create a bathroom with new items, including a toilet seat, a sink, and a shower.


In short, the mod offers a tremendous decorating experience. You create great bathroom personal style.

Download Stardew Valley Mods and become the top interior designer in Pelican Town!


Uploaded by: idaida

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