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Immersive Farm 2 Fix Free Download will allow you to do a lot of stuff. And adding some new tools will be one of them. Immersive Farm 2 Fix is now open for your download.

Immersive Farm 2 Fix is a mod for bigger farm control. All this mod can do is add some new things that you never played before. Come and see what this mod can bring you!

Immersive Farm 2 Fix     

  • There will be more space for you to buy in this mod. You will now be able to buy more than 360+ slots for your farm. And that is a big number 3 for a farmer.
  • You can see more animals, more plants, and some new trees in this game. All of them will allow you to make your farm full of funny stuff.
  • This mod will bring you some caves, secret wood and also some new items. You need to find and explore them by yourself.
  • The mod we have will also send you a tunnel. This tunnel will allow you to get to the pool. And that will be where your fun party begins.
  • Stardew Valley can show you the whole map that added all the things above. View it carefully. There might be something you need.


Uploaded by: JessebotX

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