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Immersive Farm 2 Free Download for Stardew Valley offers an expansive world of Pelican Town. Players will have a lot of fun with Spa, Quarry, Greenhouse.

Immersive Farm 2 is a great mod, and players have more hours of fun with the world of ConcernedApe.

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Zander and fnafunblock.

The mod provides a large farm. In addition, players can use the Spa, explore the Quarry and the Expanded Greenhouse.


Immersive Farm 2 has many new features, including:

  • The mod provides a large farming field, and the player can breed a variety of unique animals.
  • The entrances all have invisible walls, so animals can’t get out. You can rest assured to enjoy the fun at the field of the mod.
  • The mod provides a large Greenhouse, and the player can grow about 360 Crops and 12 Fruit Trees. You can use Iridium Vanilla Nozzles to increase the yield of your plants.
  • The mod provides three minecart shortcuts, so players can easily access the remote areas of the farm quickly. The caves in the mod are vast and mysterious.
  • Players can use several other shortcuts around the farm.
  • The mod provides a new area on the west side of the farm and everything connected to the Secret Forest.
  • You can use Spa and swimming pool to restore Energy after a long working day. The player must cross the tunnel to reach the pool.
  • The mod provides a world map, so players can easily explore everything.
  • The mod offers many custom tiles/pieces.


Download Stardew Valley Maps and enjoy a new world in Pelican Town.


Uploaded by: zanderb14

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