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Immersive Shops – Pierre’s Free Download for Stardew Valley offers an attractive convenience store in Pelican Town. The store has a wide variety of items and seasonal products.

Immersive Shops – Pierre’s offers a great convenience store.

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to donko526 and fnafunblock.

The mod brings to Pierre’s Shop. The store offers a lot of valuable items, and the store design is modern.


Immersive Shops – Pierre’s has many new features, including:

  • The mod provides new and unique designs for Pierre’s General Store.
  • The products on the shelves change according to the season and number of days of the player.
  • Players can now buy items directly from Pierre’s shelves, and you’ll enjoy the convenience items at the shop.
  • The items are very diverse, and you can buy food, garden tools, seeds. In addition, you can interact and chat directly with Pierre.
  • The mod offers a few special Pierre items.
  • The mod is compatible with modpacks, including More Recipes, Fruits & Veggies, More Trees, Fresh Meat, Mizu’s Flowers, Farmer to Florist, Fantasy Crops, Champagne Wishes, Fizzy Drinks, Bonster’s Crops, SSaturn’s Tropical Farm, Lusteria Flowers, and Crops, Korea Blossom.


In a nutshell, the mod brings a great Pierre convenience store, and you have unique fun in Pelican Town.

Check out Stardew Valley Mods and discover the new convenience store!


Uploaded by: donko526

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