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Industrial Kitchen and Interior Mods for StardewValley brings many new and unique things to the kitchen area in SC.

Industrial Kitchen and Interior is a great mod if you like modern kitchens.

The mod brings a wide range of kitchen essentials, and you can enjoy a lot of fun with new dishes.

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Hesper, and DustBeauty officially downloaded the mod on nexus mods in February 2020.

Players create industrial-style kitchens. The mod provides an island counter, bar, and TV. You will love the lively kitchen that randomly clutters every day.

The mod has a combination with other mod packs, so the mod has many attractive content packs.


Industrial Kitchen and Interior has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod is compatible with modpacks, including v1.4 Misc Recolour Pack and Industrial Furniture Set.
  • The farm layout of the mod has an idea from Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2. Cactus has a view from the Succulents Pack. Mi’s fireplace is an idea from Warm Cozy Fireplace.
  • The mod’s kitchen and cupboards belong to eemie’s luxury new furniture package. Glass vases and some messy glassware belong to Backbone’s adorable pixel pack.
  • The TV is a product of Herbert Hirche / Dieter Rams, and the refrigerator belongs to Smeg.
  • The player opens the config.json file to change the Interior Structure with the “true or false” statement.


In short, the mod brings many new and random things to your kitchen. You can decorate the kitchen with many unique items such as a TV, fireplace.

Check out Industrial Kitchen and Interior Free Download and enjoy a great kitchen!


Uploaded by: DustBeauty

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