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Kawaii Hats Mods for Stardew Valley offers a unique collection of yuikami hats. You can choose unique hat styles like a teddy bear, Shiba dog, robot.

Kawaii Hats offers many great hats. Most of them have cute and stunning designs.

The mod allows players to choose from different styles of yuikami’s fabulous hats. You have dozens of other options.

Download the mod and choose a unique hat for SC’s character!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of yuikami, and you can download the mod for free on nexusmods. The mod brings many unique hats, and you will like yuikami’s hats more than ConcernedApe’s original version.

The mod provides dozens of unique hats. Players will love the new collection of yuikami, and you will have many new experiences with your favorite characters in Pelican Town.


Kawaii Hats has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod offers over 30 new hats, and yuikami designed the hat collection. Yuikami’s creativity is lovely and rich.
  • The mod brings many modifications from the default hats. All ConcernedApe hats are cuter.
  • The mod has many unique hats such as MGSV Chicken head, TF2 Pyro, Fallout T-45. You can wear a hat for a male or female character.
  • The mod also has festive hats like Christmas hats or spring hats.


In short, the mod offers a great collection of yuikami’s hats. You will love the MGSV Chicken head hat with its cute look.

Check out Kawaii Hats Free Download and choose the unique hat!


Uploaded by: yuikami

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