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Loved Labels Mods Free Download will allow you to add a window. And this window will let you know Loved Labels of your animal and other creatures. All you need will be love!

Loved Labels could be that mod you need for your life. This mod will allow you to know what your animal needs. And then when you give them your love, there will be a window.

Thing happens in the mod:

This will be the game mode function, and we think this will be a good mod that you can not pass.

There will be two windows, one will sign “Is loved”, and the other will be “Needs love”. When you see an animal, they might need love so that they will show the second window. And after you give them our love, they will again show the first window.

Loved Labels could be a helpful function that you might need for your farm. No one has that much time to check for all animal lovers. And this mod will be your saver, help you with the gameplay.

Stardew Valley Mods Loved Labels:

It will allow you to change the word inside the mod window. This means you can customize them and make your world even better.

On the other side, you shall need this mod because your animal needs love. They need this to make more products and if you don’t make them happy.

There will never be enough product for you. Winter will come soon, so you better have this mood and manage your farm better!


Uploaded by: jinxiewinxie

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