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Mi’s and Magimatica Country Furniture for Stardew Valley Mods offers country furniture pieces for your lovely home. The furniture has the primary brown tones.

Mi’s and Magmatica Country Furniture offers fantastic pieces of furniture. If you like interior design, then the mod is a great choice.

Download the mod and have cute country furniture!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of mildew and magmatica. Campanula Is uploaded the mod to nexus mods in 2017.

The mod brings unique and modern furniture items. The lovely Matematica influences the furniture.

Check out the cute things from the mod below!


Mi’s and Magimatica Country Furniture has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod brings new luxurious interiors to Eemie. You can find luxury and high-end sofas.
  • The mod features Glitched Burger interiors, and the mod is compatible with the Boneberry Crusader Quest.
  • The design of the interior products is elegant, modern, and lovely.
  • The mod brings new beauties to players in the world of ConcernedApe. It would help if you had plenty of time to explore all the unique pieces of furniture.
  • The mod provides furniture such as tables, sofas, deer heads, chairs, flower pots, wardrobes, ornamental flowers, and stools.
  • You have a wide choice of country furniture. Get ready to change the look of every room in your home!


In short, the mod offers excellent furniture, and you will love the mod if you like the design.

Download Stardew Valley and have fun in Pelican Town!


Uploaded by: Campanulamis

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