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Mi’s Bathrooms Recolours Free Download will send to your game a new color for the bathroom. Stardew Valley will need this mod to make your house look better in a new way.

Mi’s Bathrooms Recolours is now added to the main game page. That will be where you can download and add mods to your game. We also have some updates there for new colors that can be sent to you later.

Devil Bro Bathroom style:

That will be the main style you will meet in this mod. And for you to know, this is not the first version of the mod. There will be more of them for you to download.

What this mod can do is add some new color to your game. And you can use them for decoration. This mod will bring you three more options for your bathroom color. And they will be red, blue and purple.

Suppose you don’t like what this Mi’s Bathrooms Recolours add to your game. You can wait for the next update of it and download anything that hits your mind.

Stardew Valley download: the mod is ready for your download. Come and join us for more fun and unique features.


Uploaded by: Campanulamis

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