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Miss Coriel’s Unique Courtship Response CORE Free Download allows the NPCs to act comfortable with anything in the game. NPCs of Stardew Valley will need this.

Miss Coriel’s Unique Courtship Response CORE is new. And you will need the help of this mod for a better game experience. The mod will change the dating and birthday responses of all NPCs.

This mod will take up a lot of space in your game. So make sure you have enough space for a better game mod.

Miss Coriel’s Unique Courtship Response CORE

The NPCs used to be limited by the activity they can make in the game. But with the help of this mod. They will be useful and friendly.

All you need to do is download and install this mod. Let the rest of it take care of your game.

The NPCs will remember your birthday and give you a present on that day. They also know when they have a date with you.

Stardew Valley download:

We have this mod for you free, and you can download it from the main web. You can also find some updates you need for your game on this website too. Following is the best way to make sure you have them all!


Uploaded by: MissCoriel

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