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Mobile Phone Mods for Stardew Valley offers a convenient phone for players. You can quickly contact your friends in Pelican Town.

Mobile Phone allows players to use smartphones to communicate with people in Pelican Town. The phone is very modern and convenient!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to aedenthorn and fnafunblock.

The mod brings a mobile phone. Players can call relatives, receive calls from friends, or replay old events.


Mobile Phone has many new features such as:

  • The mod brings excellent smartphones to the players. Alternatively, you can change the phone app and talk to the friendly villagers in Pelican Town.
  • The mod allows the player to use the phone to make and receive calls. You can make calls for things including daily dialogue, replay old events with NPCs, or invite friends to hang out.
  • Players can set hotkeys to use smartphones, and you don’t need to worry about conflicts between different mods.
  • The phone only shows NPCs who have at least 1000 friendship points (4 hearts) with you. You can change this with the config.json file. Also, you can create CallBlockList and CallAllowList.
  • The phone has four skins including: black, white, pink, and pink with decals.
  • The phone has two unique sounds in the Ring tab.
  • The mod allows players to add their favorite wallpapers, skins, and ringtones to their phones.
  • The phone also runs mobile apps/games from other modpacks provided.


In short, the mod brings a necessary item, which is a smartphone.

Check out Stardew Valley Mods and make calls with friends!


Uploaded by: aedenthorn

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