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No Soil Decay Free Download will be the mod you need to avoid your soil from decaying. Stardew Valley will need this mod to give you more food.

No Soil Decay Download is now uploaded for your phone. You can download this one and play it on your mobile or PC too.

The mod will help you a lot in your farming. There will be no need to keep your eyes on the soil. This soil will be kept in the best condition so you can make your next crop on them.

No Soil Decay

There will be a lot of mods that allow you to make your crop easier to grow. And this will be one of them. All you need to know in this mod is that you will never need to mind the decaying of the soil.

The function will make your soil be old and unable to give your plant a good place to grow. You need to renew the soil if you want to plant the next crops.

Stardew Valley Mods will give you this mod for free. You can also download it from our page. That will be where you update it and have more fun with this world.


Uploaded by: ThatNorthernMonkey

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