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NPC Adventures (It’s time to adventure) Free Download will allow you to have a new experience with a villager. Stardew Valley gives you this mod free and useful for exp getting.

NPC Adventures (It’s time to adventure) for PC is the best mod you can get. All the mods we have right here will send you new features that never appeared before.

This mod will allow you to play with NPCs or villagers. They will be your friend. They follow and help you with your mission.

NPC Adventures (It’s time to adventure)

There will be one thing you need to know about this mod. It asks you to have enough heart each time you want NPCs or a villager to come with you. This is needed because when you die, they will have to walk their way back home

And if you don’t have enough heart, you will soon die and leave them there. No one wants this to happen!

The follower will help you to gather all the items you can get. Sometimes when you forget to pick up some items, they will help you with that.

Stardew Valley will bring you more info about this mod. There will be a ton of new features added.


Uploaded by: purrplingcat

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