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OBSOLETE-Get Dressed will be that mod you need when you have a big house. Inside this game, you will have some things to do like farming, fishing, mining, and dressing.

This mod will allow you to have more than one dresser. And that dresser will not be the same as others you have in the original game. This one will come along with a mirror. Let’s talk more about how this mod can be your favourite!

OBSOLETE-Get Dressed:

The main feature of this dresser will be helping you to get dressed. This will be the best way for you to have a better outlook. And you can also buy more outfits from the store as long as you have enough money for them.

In this mod, you will also have some new features along such as:

When you have your house upgraded, there will always be a dresser appearing inside your home. This will allow you to become more convenient when changing your outlook.

This mod will also allow you to change how you look in the game, such as the nose, mouth, hair, hat, skin colour, etc.

There will be more things that this mod can give you. But all you need to do is repair your house and free space. That will be where this Stardew Valley Mods OBSOLETE-Get Dressed adds a dresser.


Uploaded by: jinxiewinxie

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