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OBSOLETE-Kisekae Mods for Stardew Valley fixes many vital bugs of the GetDressed version. You don’t have to worry about editing your favorite character’s appearance.

OBSOLETE-Kisekae is an essential addition to GetDressed. The mod allows players to change their favorite character’s appearance quickly.

Download the mod and have fun at GetDressed!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Kabigon, and the mod is free to download on nexus mods in 2018. The mod has many ideas from versions of Advize, Jinxiewinxie, and Pathoschild.

The mod provides modifications of GetDressed. Therefore, players can easily edit the appearance of their favorite characters in Pelican Town. All operations are fast and straightforward!

Check out the cool stuff of the mod below!


OBSOLETE-Kisekae has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod supports multiplayer mode. However, clients need to install this mod.
  • Players can view the vanity, change the size of the game menu, access the custom menu with WizardShrine, and change the shoe color.
  • The mod fixes critical GetDressed bugs. Therefore, players always feel a lot of fun during the game.
  • The mod allows the player to configure files of skin color, hairstyle, and accessories.
  • The mod is compatible with ConcernedApe version 1.3. You need to be aware of the version if you want to run the mod well.


In short, the mod is essential if you like GetDressed. The mod fixes critical bugs in the mod pack.

Check out OBSOLETE-Kisekae Free Download and enjoy the fun in single-player or multiplayer mode!


Uploaded by: KabigonFirst

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