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Pet Interaction Free Download will allow you and your pet to have more things to do. Pet Interaction will be an excellent way to build a better connection with the pet you have.

Pet Interaction Download is a good choice for you to make friends with animals, and in this time, you can make friends with your pet.

This mod will help you to bring the friendship to a higher level. The more you play, the better company you will help.

Pet Interaction

The first thing this mod can do will allow you to bring your pet everywhere you can. He will follow you wherever you go.

You need to find a part and then click on that one by your right mouse. After that, the pet will follow you wherever you go.

The second thing this mod can do is allow you to play with your pet. You can find any stick you want on the ground. Throw it by using your left mouse. After that, your pet will run to pick up that stick and bring it to you.

Stardew Valley will also allow you to gain points by petting or taking care of your pet. Don’t hit your pet, or your friendship will be gone.


Uploaded by: jahangmar

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