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PPJA – Cannabis Kit Free Download will allow you to add some new cannabis crops to your farm. PPJA – Cannabis Kit will be free and able to help you get more fun in SV.

PPJA – Cannabis Kit is a new mod, and it will send you a lot of interesting things. This mod will allow you to find and plant some unique weeds. That would be illegal in our world, but I was able to do it in this game.

PPJA – Cannabis Kit

We will bring you some tools that allow you to plant and then grow cannabis as long as you keep this mod along with you. There will be nothing that you can do.

There will be some simple recipes that you can use thanks to the help of this mod. These recipes will allow you to craft some new cannabis. And you can use them to make yourself feel more fun.

The game rule:

This game mode will not allow you to do one thing. And that thing will be you can not sell cannabis in your shop.

Stardew Valley will not let you do this, so the cannabis you make will only serve you. To know more about this mod, come and join us!


Uploaded by: paradigmnomad

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